Digital Audit

Our concern is natural, when you know that your website is failing to execute and you are struggling to figure out reasons behind it. But from within, it’s often hard to see the wood for the trees.If you’re observing a drop-off in sales or are being told from across your business that the website is falling behind business objective.Our professional eye can give you the insight and direction you need.

Essentially a Digital Audit is a complete review of everything your business does online. This includes your website(s), social media channels, email marketing and advertising.

Within the audit I cover many areas. On the website, for example there are over 200 points that are connected to search engine optimisation. Carefully going through each of these and checking to see how the website is setup and how it performs. If there are items that haven’t been implemented or are not working they get documented with the recommended solutions.

Digital Audit

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